Hack4Split is a (two-day competition) hackathon focused on solving social issues and devising social innovations for the advancement of communities.

Who has the opportunity to participate?

All those who believe they can contribute to finding a solution for this year's Hack4Split are welcome to participate. Education, occupation, or age are not crucial; it's only important that you are students and ready for teamwork.

What do I need to bring?

For a hackathon, you need to bring your laptop, smartphone, chargers, and a willingness to collaborate, have fun, and learn together. We provide everything else, such as food and drinks.

What should I do?

Review the hackathon tasks and sign up here to join us at the coolest social hackathon.

When and where?

The competition will take place at the Spinit incubator. 16. and on March 17, 2024.

Hack4Split is a two-day competition (hackathon) focused on solving social problems and devising social innovations. It brings together individuals with specific knowledge who find solutions to problems in their local community, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which you can learn more about here.

Applications are open:









Hackathon program

  • Petak 15.03.2024.Meetup

    [16:00 - 17:30] Introductory lecture
    [17:40] General knowledge quiz and networking
  • Subota 16.03.2024.Hackaton

    [9:00] Opening of Hack4Split 2024
    [14:00-14:45] Lunch
    [15:00] In-person mentors present
    [19:00] End of the first day
  • Nedjelja 17.03.2024.End of the hackathon

    [09:00] Beginning of the final day
    [12:00] Pitch submission
    [12:00-13:00] Public speaking relaxation exercises
    [13:00-14:30] Project presentations
    [14:45] Winner announcement and award ceremony

Hack4Split 2024



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