Smart City Student Challenge

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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018.
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Smart City Student Challenge


The Smart City Student Challenge is an opportunity to take part in a unique competition.  

Teams of 6 students, two from Malaga University, two from University of Split and two from Middlesex University will form teams to define a problem, need or pain and suggest a solution in any one of seven key areas.  The areas are:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT), (2) Smart housing, (3) Smart mobility, (4) Smart manufacture, (5) Smart environment, (6) Smart healthcare and (7) Smart citizens.

Each team will have 4 weeks to achieve:

  1. Get to know your international team mates
  2. Review the seven Challenge categories and define a problem, need or “pain” that the team wants to work in one of the key areas  
  3. Develop  a solution concept and validate it as far as you can in time allotted
  4. Create a final presentation in the form of a 3 minute video

Awards will be provided to the students in the top teams by their retrospective universities, with award ceremony during Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

Application – must be submitted before 23:59 14th October 2018